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Benefits of Health Insurance


Going off to the inclusions and exclusions, the first feature we need to see in a policy is that in nearby hospitals in which policy do we get cashless treatment. Second we need to check if the charges of pre and post hospitalization are covered, meaning that the cash of time you there in hostipal should be covered along with pre hospitalization of 30-60 days like doctor's consultation,diagostic test, therapies should be covered. Under post hospitalization, 60-180 days cost are to be covered. 

Also you need to check the day care facilities like many surgeries are done within a day so that you don't need night hopitalization in the hospital. In many policy, day care facilities arenot covered so you need to check it and also ambulance charges are covered in many policies. The n you need to check what type policies coverage you have, like cap on coverage on various diseases for example on maternity benefit you have have a limit of upto Rs 50,000 only and where your doing the treatment the fee might be Rs 75,000 or upto 1 lakh that's why you need to take care of it. Other than that, in some policies we get the option Co-Pay meaning that you will also have to give some money suppose the total cost of treatment comes upto 1lakh and there is 10% Co-Pay clause then you will need to pay around 10,000Rs, so it's better that you dont take the option of Co-Pay .

Also, you need to check how much room rent is available in your policy as the cost in hospital will be linked to your room rent and let's say that your room rent is high in your policy then your Co-Pay will also be more.So, it's necessary to see according to your lifestyle with room suits you. Some policies provide a benefit known as restoration benefit, just say that your one year cover gets exoited, if one family member used up all 3 lakh cover then it can be restored for the second member by this benefit, this is also available during the hospitalization period too.There is another benefit called top-up benefit,if a person has a company insurance and he wants to do a top-up, it can be a plus point for him.Suppose you have a cover of 3 lakh and you want a coverage of 6 lakhs, you can get a coverage of 3 lakhs as a top-up coverage.

Meaning of top up cover is that if your 3 lakh is exoited then additional 3 lakh becomes a topup cover.It becomes more beneficial, if you take suoer top-up cover all your various or multiple claims are covered. Multiple claims meaning if there is one family member is ill and the treatment comes upto 1 lakh, other member comes upto 2 lakhs, your 3 lakhs cover is over,you get a top-up of 3 lakhs, this is called super Top-Up. If you take  Top-Up or super topup cover then your existing conditions continues as it is, meaning waiting period continues as it is this is the benefit of top-up or super top-up cover.

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