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Best Earning Methods of 2021 | Sell Online Course's, & Best Affiliate Marketing Platform

Affiliate Marketing:

 Affiliate marketing is one of the most growing sector in the field of online. In this method, you can earn by sharing links with the people and when someone purchases a product using the link you shared, you get a certain amount of commission. This commission can be 5%, 10% or it can be 50% also. It all depends on the product your marketing

. In affiliate marketing, even with small amount of audience you can earn alot. It all depends on the niche that's loved by the audience you chose. More teh demand for a particular niche product, more will be the buyers hence more income. If you like to share products or you have marketing ideas you can go for it. You can even create your own affiliate website to increase your reach to people and get more buyers, hence getting more income.

 Selling courses:

 If you like teaching or you have the capability to teach people then this method is for you as all it requires it making courses and selling them for income. If you have hobby or love teaching people, then you can make courses and sell. In this method, you basically have to create a course of any time duration and niche, and you can share them on various platform like Udemy, skillshare and soon.  

 Whenever someone purchases your course, the website where you have shared your course will pay you. Earning theough this method is very easy and is considered as one of the safest along with it has lowest competition.

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