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Best Languages To Learn To Get Jobs In Usa & in Uk

Java is an object oriented programming language and general purpose programming language meanig that java codes can be compiled on all platform without the need to 

   recompile the code.Jva was iniatilly developed in 1995 by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. Later in 2018, Java 11. Followed by Java 15, in September 2020.It was initailly 

   used in television. Later, when the developers realized that the language is vast and has advanced features, they used it to build a set-top box. The first version of Java was

   known as JDK alpha and beta, which was released in 1995, till this date in total 12 versions of Java are released. The latest version being Java SE10 which was realeased on 20th 

   March 2018.

   Java is a simple object oriented programming language, it has various good features like multithreading, automatic memory allocation & garbage collection, platform independency, 

   it is secured, it is economical,potable and stable. The only drawback being it is a little difficult to read,write and understand, its performance is considerately slow and it

   has no control over garage collections.Java has since been used in various field such as website development as a backend language, for building mobile applications, desktop

   GUI applications, web based applications,gaming applications, big data technologies and so on. Applications such as Twitter, Amazon, Flipkart,Adobe uses Java.


   The most incorrect assumptions are that Java and JavaScripts are Substitute of each other but the truth is that both the languages are completely different. Java is a high 

   end language while java script is a scripted or client side programming language.Javascript was originally discovered in 1995 by Brendan Eich. Javascript was developed only in

   10 days, it was initially named as Mocha. Javascript was developed because Brendan Eich felt need to develop a new language that could be used by informal designers and  

   programmers.In total 9 version of Javascript have been developed till date. The first version of Javascript was known as ECMA script1 and the latest version is known as ECMA 

   script 2018.

   Javascript is a dynamic typing language that supports object oriented programming language. It is a prototype based language meaning it uses prototype instead of classes 

   and inheritance. It has a alot of control over the browser.Javascript has the ability to perform inbuild functions.Javascript is known for increasing speed of te program. The 

   disadvantage of Java script is that it lacks debugging facilities, it has browser support, also there is security with it. Client side Javascript doesnot allow reading or 

   writing of files.Javascript is used in Websites. Companies such as Youtube,Facebook,Yahoo,Amazon have used Javascript. Google uses javascript as both frontend and backend


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