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Best Programming Language To Learn In 2021 |


As we all know and have witnessed the being dominated by the Technology sector. From the phone we use to televison, from the household appliances to office equipment, 

everything uses technology, it basically have become a huge part of our life withput which we just cannot imagine our world. Imagine living without phone for a whole 

freaking day... impossible right?? By every passing minute, a new discovery is done in the field of technology. Every new day gives new innovationin it. It just keeps 

getting better and better as time goes by. So, how is it all possible?? The innovation, ideas coming up...it's all due to programming or programming languages. Just the 

way we need to communicate with each other using languages, we need languages to communication with the machines and its achive using the programming languages. Currently,

there are over 700+ languages present for the same.. Knowing this languages are a plus point for all around as it doesn't require one to belong to the techno sector, you

just need come motivation and a phone. As the sector it expanding rapidly, more and more career options are opening up. Don't wanna work?? Start your own work, be the

boss of your ownself, start freelancing or a startup.So, the question comes up next.. which language do i learn? there are hella lot of languages out there, how it I know 

which one is the right one for me. So, in this article I will be telling the top 5 programming languages that are and will be booming and flourishing in 2021 and the 

future too.

Here's the list of top 5 programming languages that will dominate in 2021:

1] Python:

  Starting off with the most easiest, popular and fastest growing programming language . Python language has been introduced in this field since 1991, it has expireneced

  tremendous growth in the past few years due to it's highly user friendly nature, being extremely versatile and easy to learn it has gained a lot of popularities over 

  the years. The language was discovered by Guido Van Rossum in february of 1991 as Python 0.9.0. He had been working on it,in the late 1980's.Later Python 2.0 was 

  introduced with its new features, followed up by Python 3.0 in 2008.

  Python is a interpreted, high level programming language or user's friendly and general purpose programming language. Due to it's user friendly behaviour i.e,

  it has simple syntax which makes it a lot easier to write, read and understand the codes, it's a lot popular amongst the beginners. Python has been used to design 

  a frame work, website and apps. It is also used in scientific computing and doing mathematics also. It is a major language used in Artificial Intelligence.The

  language offers some awesome features such as good library support, automatic garbage collection, easier adaptation with other languages, GUI Programming support,

  and alot more.  Many operating system use python. Big names youtube, yahoo, instagram, facebook, Amazon,Spotify have used python as their backend language to build this software.

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