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How to apply for Student Visa to study in USA

Studing in USA is a dream of many of the students but how to do it ? And which colleges or universities should I apply for is always a big question mark. Also how to apply for Student Visa is another big question. In this article I'll be covering some universities and how to apply for Student Visa.Some of the average universities in USA are:

. University of texas of Austin

. University of Washington

. Georgia Institute of Technology

. University of Iliinois at Urbana Champaign

. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hills

. Rice University

. The Chio State University 

. Boston University

. Pennsylvannia State University

. Purdue University

. University of California, Davis

. Washington University at St.Loius

. University of South California

Lets talk about the exams that are accepted by the USA universities, the most popular entrance exams are TOEFL [Test Of English as a Foreign Language] and the fee for this exam is around 185$, which is approximately Rs.13,000 in Indian Currency. The second entrance exam is known as IELTS [International English Language Testing System], the fee for the same is around 13,000 Rs in India. 

The third popular entrance exam for ungraduated is SAT [Scholastic Assessment Test], the fee for this exam ranges from Rs 6000 to 7000 approximately in India. Suppose if you answer any one of these exam, let's take SAT for now and get good score, then the exam allows you to apply for 3-4 universities in USA and the student visa known as F1, costs around $160, which is approximately 11,000 Rs in India.

Now once you apply in your preferred University then what? This time is the time to take a lot of patience as once you send your scores, the university takes time to see and analyse your score, later when they accept your score they send you I20 document that is very important to apply for student visa. Once you get this document, you can apply for stdent visa.After getting the form, you need apply student visa in USA ambsassy online,for the nonimmigrant students with Form I-20, the sevis Fee is US$200. 

Then you need to answer the interview, it's a process of two days, first day,  they check your biomeric details and second ady, is the interview.After that once your selected you get a stamp on your passport meaning that you have come to USA for study purpose.After to get your visa, you need to take precaution about Scams specially while booking tickets and other stuff.

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