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How to study in USA


Hey guys, this article will be very useful for those who will be passing their 12th standard or will be admitted in 12th standard. After our high school we go in search of the right career for us, the college we need to get into, our further studies and for those students planning on going abroad for study purpose USA is the best place out there.

USA  is considered the best in field of studies is due to the facilities it provides, the researche environment,infrastructure of educational Institutes, is awesome in comparision to the other countries. In this article, we will telling which institutes to opt for, how to get into these institutes. The motive of this article is to help the beginners who donot know what shoud be theirr first step on how to go and pursue your studies in USA.

For the bachelor's or undergraduate degree, I tell you how to plan,select courses and make up your mind. The exams needed to be answered for bachelor's degree in USA. How to appy for Student visa F1? Cost of studying and living in USA for bachelor's degrees and  last but not the least, the most important question,is it worth studying in USA? Let's understand everything step by step. 

Starting off, If you are planning and hhave made up your mind to study in USA then you need to plan everything in advance, when your in standard 10th or 11th. So, that you can do your preparation for the exams and the courses you would go for,which universasities you want to attend this basic things you need to decide beforehand. There are many top universities in Usa, I'll be listing some of them:

. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology[MIT]

. Standford University

. Harvard University

. California Institute of Technology[Caltech]

. University of Chicago

. Princeton University

. Carnell University

. Yale University

. Columbia University

. University of Rennsylvania

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