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Monster Legend New Apk Latest version


Monster Legends is a video game that fucuses on breeding, raising monster and fighting battles for lands. It is a fun and adventurous game where you get your own monster and land, you need to fight and defend your land along with breeding and raaising dragons. Monster breeding is basically getting monsters and breeding them to get new species. Here, you need to collect your own empire of monsters and battle your opponents to get ahead. 

You are the creator and master here. build your teams, train them, feed them and take the lead for your monster legends into Arena battles and fight to win the battle and declare the leadership. Breed baby moonsters, feed them make them big, healthy and strong, train your monsters basically your legendary and epic monsters or even better make epic, strong monster ready to tear your opponents teams monsters apart. Build your fighting forces, face hard and ultimate battle challenges: this are real time battle challenges with your opponents teams.

One monster team vs the other monster team. Let the gamne begin. Shows gonna be fun. Let's see who loses and who is declared as the ultimate winner.Collect and breed different monster. Can even create new monster species using different breeds. Train them and upgarde their fighting skills.Boost your fighting and defending strategies for the action battle field. Take the first step by collecting monster, creating a beautiful  habitat for  them to live in. 

If your a fighter, who loves to fight and lead a team for wars, this is a place where you can display your leadership and judgemental skills.Use this skills to fight with the enemies, join other teams during the gameplay and win exclusive rewards.So, what are you waiting for download the app and get started let the gamme begin!!


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