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Top 2 Online Earning Methods | Bitcoin, Blogging, YouTube & Courses selling


Top 2 online earning methods

There are many methods that can be used for online earning but in this article, the online earning methods that I'll be telling you are not just simple but they are the most demanded and most used worldwide earning methods. The earning methods that I'll be telling you'll can get both type of income namely passive and active income. Using these methods you can even set up your own business, be your own boss and earn in dollars. So, without any futher a due let's dive into the article. Starting off, here is the list of top four earning methods:

1)  YouTube:-

In last few years, YouTube has expirenced tremenous growth and it's popularity is rising everyday. It has become the second most search engine after Google in the world.  As a result it's demands also have increased. It's said that YouTube will be the future of video marketing. So, you can start a channel right now and start earning money. YouTube is one such platform where you are not only getting some income but also there's fame

. All you need here is a bit of patience and will power. All you need to do is create channel, get it monetized after passed YouTube's certain criteria and your good to go. You can pick up any niche you like and start making videos. If you want a platform where you can get money and fame, then this is the right platform for you. The earning model in YouTube is very easy to understand, it like you get paid for the advertisement on the video. More the viewers, more the money. So, why not turn your hobby into a source of income and work at home.

2) Blogging:

If your a type of person who has introvert nature and cannot face and feel confident infront of the crowd and  who loves reading newspaper, magazines, books and writing then blogging is the right one for you. As in blogging, you need to express yourself in words through the articles without showing yourself. Initially we can chose a niche, it can be any day to day topic or the one you love and have a good knowledge about them

. To be a blogger, all you need to do is create a website, which can be created using website builders like WordPress,blogger and so on. After creating a website, you need to fullfill certain criteria of Google adsense and get your website monetized. Once your website is monetized , you can start earning. Earning directly depends on traffic source and number of audience. More the audience and organic traffic, more is the income. The most important key in this sector is patience. If you like to read and write and can express yourself in words, then you can opt for blogging.

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