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Kuboom is a very interesting game. Everyone out there want to know about it. Released on 17th september 2013, it has gained huge amount of popularity in the few year time span. Its amazing graphic's and storyline gives it an additional bonus to it. It was developed by Rockstar North and was published under the company name of Rockstar Games. It has a free roam open world platform, giving the players a free unlimited space to roam around,explore and get fullest enjoyment.In this article, we'll be speaking about the top interesting , not so known facts that people don't know. You'll must have heard that recently GTA V has become one of the  most expensive games. It's income has increased so must that yopu you cannot even compare it to the full budget of Oxford films, that this video game has earned.So, how has this game gainedso much revenue? What does it have? Let's find out today. Let's begin without any further a dues. 

Do you know that GTA V has a sequence called prolocks gateway, basically the cut scenes that pop up between the game sequence, in that Traver guides Michael somewhere closeby where the place is full of ice or covered with ice to be precise. If you go against the instructions and go in oppesite direction then you will find an alien frozen under the ice thta you might havenot seen during normal game play. But if you go in the prolog sequence then you surely get to see an alien.

Do you know in this game there is a fully playable Lamar, Now, for those who don't know who is Lamar, so in this game Frenklin, basically in this game there are three heros namely Frenklin, Michael and Traver. you can play as Frenklin's friend Lamar but you cannot play it as it isnot proper in the game's code and so you cannot play this character. So, why is this not possible? It is because in the end Frenklin gets an options A,B and C. In option A, Frenklin gets the option to kill Travar. In option B, he gets the option to kill Michael and in option C, he get the option of not killing anyone except his enemies.So, basically the meaning of option C in the game code is that Frenklin needs to kill his enemies meaning himself, but later this code was 
changed as the ending would turn into a sad ending. In the first version, it was cdecided that one of the heroes will have to die but later this was changed that noone will die but they will kill their enemy. The plot twist here, is that Frenklin will die then his friend Lamar will take his place.

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