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What is Health Insurance? Benefits of Health Insurance!! Reality of Health Insurance?

Have we ever wondered where are first investment should be? The answer this is hidden in another question that is What is our biggest assets? You see the biggest assets

we own is ourselves because our earning potential is unlimited, that's why it's most important to takecare of ourselves. I must be sure you have heared the saying that 

"Jaan hai toh Jahan hai", so, if we takecare of ourselves that's when we will realize the worth of the unlimited earning potential we have, that's why it's most important 

to invest in our body and health and that's why our first investment needs to be in health insurance. But when we go to buy a health insurance, there are many questions 

that pop up in our mind such as do I really need an health Insurance in today's time? according to my career or age, or how much total cover should I go for? Mnay a times 

several insurance companies have health insurance in them,so we assume that we have one for ourselves.. but is it really enough for us and do we know what are the things 

included or what are the things excluded? or on which things should we focus more? If we are buying a health insurance should we opt for the cheapest one out there? or

if suppose we take a health insurance, claims get rejected or sometimes some pre existing diseases arenot covered. What is restoration benefits or what is top up cover

or supertop up cover? You'll get the answers to all this questions in this article so read it till the end...

We will be dividing this article in two parts. Starting off with the benefits of health insurance. Then we will be speaking about the inclusions and exclusions that 

are the features of health insurance being precise what we get and don't get in a standard policy and whata re the things you need to take care of. On the third place,we

will be covering on how much coverage should you'll go for either as an individual or a family and finally we will see a live demo of health insurance on how to buy a health

insurance and what are the precautions we need to take while buying one.

Let's start off by the benefits of health insurance. First of all, you safeguard your savings that can later  be used in time of emergency. Let's suppose that some medical 

issue takes place with you or your family, so in today's time the medical cost have risen such as the cost of surgeries, treatment cost of certain illnesses are alot more 

expensive, the cost can go from 1 lakh, 5 lakhs upto 10 lakhs also. So, in such cases the your saving will be there in form of your health insurance coverage. Second big

benefit is that you can do cashless treatment meaning you wont have to spend a single penny from your pocket, most of the time there bes a chain of standard health insurance 

that exists in hospital so you can do cashless treatment. Thirdly,you can do your company's  top-up insurance to, as in many companies you get 1lakh,2 lakh upto 3 lakh topup

coverage, but in many cases this amount isnot sufficient so you can also do a top-up. Fourth advantage is that if you take a health insurance at a young age then your primeium

is less also most of the diseases gets covered in it beacuse at a young age, risk of getting disease is quite low but over a period of time the rsik of getting ill or getting 

disease increases, in most of the cases under policies for preexisting diseases there bes a waiting period of 3 to 5 years , so that period will already be covered, so in 

future if you get any disease it will automatically be covered in the insurance. Fiftly, whatever are the lifestyle disease we get a coverage over that as in today's scenario 

most of our job consists of sittng on desks and woeking for long hours specially during this covid's pendamic time, most of the people are working online from house, therefore, 

during thiss time it's a must to have a health insurance. The sixth adavantage is that we get more beenefits other than the hospitalization benefits such as maternity benefits,

day care facilities or in many surgeries you don't need to get hospitalized that also facilites are covered to. viral diseases are also there,Specially for covid there are 

special facilities available too.The seventh benefit is the tax benefit, under section 80D we get 25000 Rs tax reduction.

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